Abdominal Ballistic System

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AR500_Armor_ABS (1).jpg

Abdominal Ballistic System


AR500 Armor® ABS was developed to satisfy the growing demand for modular protection of the abdominal area. We set out to create a modular auxiliary armor system that could integrate with your existing plate carrier and body armor. Our Abdominal Ballistic System offers a unique blend of flexibility, modularity, and protection from rifles or pistols dependent upon the body armor insert you choose.  AR500 Armor® ABS attaches via our unique pouch design, integrating into your plate carrier’s cummerbund flap or inner plate pocket. Secured via Velcro, or option modular attachment straps, ABS provides a natural fit with your existing body armor resulting in a user adjustable extension of your body armor.


Flexibility is by far the most important factor with auxiliary body armor; which we achieve with our Abdomen Ballistic System. The pouch is user adjustable for proper placement and creates a natural pivot point with AR500 Armor® Level III hard or  IIIA soft ABS body armor inserts installed. This pivot point is designed to enable the ABS to flex independently of the plate carrier, allowing for unhindered articulation while moving, kneeling, and changing positions.


Constructed from durable 1000D Cordura Nylon, the Abdominal Ballistic System is compatible with both our ABS body armor and trauma pad. Equipped with PALS webbing, your load bearing capability on the front of the pouch is increased for additional gear, although we recommend keeping a slim and light load on the ABS to maintain mobility and comfort.


In situations where high mobility is required, but the need for additional armor is preset, we recommend ABS with our level IIIA soft body armor for improved mobility. As with any auxiliary armor, the need for flexibility and mobility prevent rigid attachment points.


Abdominal Ballistic System (ABS) Compatibility:

ABS is compatible out of the box with all plate carriers which feature an open bottom cummerbund flap; and all plate carriers which feature an internal armor closure flap. If the cummerbund flap wraps around the bottom of the front plate pocket, the ABS Modular Adapter Kit is required.


Base Adapter (built-in): Velcro attachment flap which attaches to the inside of your plate carrier pocket, or the inside of your cummerbund flap.

(Compatible with AR500 Armor® Micro, Operator II, XL, Concealment, EPC, ELSA, and Quick Release Plate Carriers)


The Abdomen Ballistic System (ABS) is not designed to overlap with your existing chest plate, but to offer increased protection to your abdominal area while maintaining mobility, and allowing full functionality of the PALS webbing. It is normal & intended to have a gap between your chest plate and ABS body armor insert.


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